About Me

Welcome to my website!

Just something about myself and this website...

I was born in South Africa and presently reside in Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, with my wife Lindie.

I was raised in a house where there always was and still is a keen interest and passion for nature, the outdoors and the African bush.

Similarly, I always had an interest in photography. I always made use of every opportunity to get some shots in with my father's old film SLR, but film was expensive and opportunities few. I got my first Kodak point and shoot camera when I was 11, but the same problem remained.

During 2004 we visited the Pilanesberg Game Reserve in the North West Province of South Africa. We came across an impala ewe that was lazily grazing away on route directly towards a cheetah that was patiently lying in the grass and waiting - It was high noon and lunch was on its way! Needless to say, the cheetah had no choice and had to do what was necessary... It did so quickly with almost no "classic chase" at all - If she did not make lunch of the impala, the latter would have boasted to her friends that evening about how she walked right over a cheetah and still lives to tell the story! It was my first cheetah kill that I witnessed, but... I did not have a camera with me!

I got my first digital camera during 2005, a Sony Cybershot, but soon realized that digital SLR is the only way to go. During 2007 I got my first DSLR, a Canon 400D, and a whole new world opened for me! Not only can I take as many photos as I want to, but I also have creative freedom when it comes to processing those photos.

I only became more serious about my photography during the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. I already subscribed to OUTDOORPHOTO (a South African community website about digital photography and everything that goes therewith) during 2008, but only really started posting my images there at the beginning of 2010.

During August 2012 my photography blog, LINRU PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG was launched and during August 2016 my WEDDING-, LIFESTYLE- AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY WEBSITE followed.

Photography is unfortunately only a hobby and during office hours (and sometimes non-office hours) I am practising law as an advocate and member of the Pretoria Bar. I do however try to seize every opportunity to get out there and to get the shot.

For those who are curious where "LinRu" originated... It's got nothing to do with China and is only a combination of my wife's name "Lindie" and my name "Rudi" - I had to make some reference to her, as she is the one that needs all the patience with me and my hobby and on many occasions she is also my dedicated driver!

At present I process my images with Adobe's Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC.

You can read more about some of my achievements in the photography world on the PUBLICATIONS & ACHIEVEMENTS page of the website.

I hope you enjoy the site...

Rudi van den Heever

(1 August 2016)