A selection of images have been made available as limited edition prints. Being "limited edition" prints entail that only 75 (SEVENTY FIVE) prints of each image (whether canvas, Hahnemuhle Foto Rag Fine Art, Fine Art Breathing Color Matte or Fine Art Metallic) will be made available for purchase.

You will receive a certificate of authenticity with your purchase that contains the full details of the image, where and when it was taken and of course, my details. It will also contain the number of your print (1/75, 2/75, 3/75 etc.).

You can view the LIMITED EDITION PRINT PORTFOLIO by clicking the aforementioned link.


1.1 Limited Edition Canvas Prints

All prints are on the highest quality archival certified BREATHING COLOR LYVE CANVAS.

Canvas prints will include my signature and the number of the limited edition print discreetly placed in the bottom corners on the image itself.

All canvas prints ordered for delivery in South Africa are stretched around a sturdy wooden frame with a board directly behind the canvas to give the frame rigidity.

For all international deliveries the prints are carefully rolled and placed in a secure tube, with no more than three prints per tube, to prevent damage during transit.


1.2 Limited Edition Hahnemuhle Foto Rag Fine Art or Breathing Color White Fine Art Matte Prints

These prints have a discrete white border which contains my (printed) signature and the number of the limited edition print. The white border will not be more than approximately 50mm for A0 prints, down to approximately 30mm for A2 and A3 prints.

The Breathing Color White Fine Art Matte Prints are on the highest quality 300 gsm BREATHING COLOR WHITE FINE ART MATTE PAPER.

The Hahnemuhle Foto Rag Fine Art Prints are of the highest quality 308 gsm HAHNEMUHLE FOTO RAG FINE ART PAPER.


1.3 Limited Edition Fine Art Metallic Prints

You will also have an option to purchase images that are printed on archive quality unique 255 gsm METALLIC PAPER. These metallic prints are rather high gloss and high in contrast and are absolutely awesome for monochrome prints - It gives the prints a lot of depth and the images almost become "alive". You can also select this paper for color images, but its beauty really comes to the fore in monochrome images.

These prints have the same framing and finishing than the fine art matte prints mentioned above.



All the other images on my website which are not in the limited edition print portfolios, are also for sale as prints. Just click the "PURCHASE" link underneath any image to select an image size and print medium.

These prints have the same finishing, borders etc. than the limited edition prints, except of course the number of the print.

You will also receive an authenticity certificate with these prints.

You might also be interested in other print formats or sizes not specified, so do not hesitate to request some more details on these options!

Just send me a message with the details of the image and other print specifications, by completing the Form at the bottom of this page, should you be interested in a print with specifications other than the usual. I will revert back to you by email as soon as possible with the price and other details. You will also be able to effect payment for these purchases via PayPal or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).



All prints will be shipped by a recognized and reputable local- (for shipping within the boundaries of South Africa) or international courier.

All prints will be carefully rolled and placed in a secure tube, with no more than three prints per tube, to prevent damage during transit. The aforesaid is applicable to all prints for delivery locally or internationally. The only exception to this is canvas prints for delivery locally (within the boundaries of South Africa), which will already be stretched around a sturdy wooden frame with a board directly behind the canvas to give the frame rigidity.

Please note that the only reason for not delivering already framed and stretched canvas prints internationally, is to limit costs for international buyers - Stretching a canvas print abroad will be less expensive than paying for the delivery of an already stretched canvas! Needless to say, you are welcome to contact me should you require international delivery for stretched canvas prints.

Shipping is free of charge locally (within the borders of South Africa.

For international shipping the charge is $90 for 1 to 3 items, $180 for 4 to 6 items, $270 for 7 to 9 items, $360 for 10 to 12 items and $450 for 13 to 15 items, $540 for 16 to 20 items.

All effort will be made to ship prints within 7 (SEVEN) business days from date of payment. Please note that the delay is caused by the fact that I do not print the images myself, but rather use professional print studios.

If an order cannot be processed immediately if and when I am out and about, I will inform you as such if I am in an area with mobile phone coverage and your order will be processed immediately on my return.

Please ensure that you enter your correct STREET DELIVERY ADDRESS and EMAIL ADDRESS with your payment details in PayPal, should you elect to effect payment via Paypal.

Please also ensure that you have selected the correct SHIPPING DESTINATION, i.e. local or international.



You do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase via PayPal. You can also elect to make payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Please note that there are PAYPAL TRANSACTION LIMITS APPLICABLE IF YOU EFFECT PAYMENT VIA PAYPAL. The general transaction limited for payments via PayPal for PayPal members is $10,000 and for non-members $4,000. You can read more about these limitations on the PAYPAL WEBSITE.

Once you have added your prints to your Shopping Cart, a link will appear at the top of the page to enable you to review the contents of your shopping cart.

In reviewing your purchase in your shopping cart, you will also be requested to indicate whether your print should be shipped locally (South Africa) or internationally, for shipping costs to be added.

NO REFUNDS will be given for incorrect orders or orders erroneously placed.

By effecting payment through PayPal or EFT you confirm that you have read and understand the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the transaction.



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