Pilanesberg Cheetah Kill

We left Manyane gate at about 16H00 and decided to take the Dithabeneng route to have a look at the elephant carcass at Malatse Dam. My wife protested, as we've never seen anything worthwhile on the route - little did we know... We almost drove off after watching the cheetah resting under the tree for some 10 minutes, but eventually decided to sit and wait. After all, the gate was only 3 minutes away...
After a while the wildebeests came out of the bush and the adults almost walked over the cheetah, but it did not move. They did not see what I was seeing through the lens - It only had eyes for the youngsters at the back!
My mind rushed and I went through my camera settings over and over and over... What about this, what about that... 200mm... 400mm... f-stop, shutter speed and the bloody ISO... I did miss the cheetah's take-off!
I had to shoot some 250 images almost directly into the sun, but the fading light helped a bit later (until a park official requested us to call it a day).
I had the adrenalin rush all over again whilst processing these images and wish I could post all!


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