Publications & Achievements

Nature and wildlife photography IS NOT about winning competitions and getting published in every magazine known to mankind, but rather to get out there and experience nature in all its glory. It is however always an honor to get a pat on the back and to know that your efforts to get out of bed before sunrise, spending long hours under the African sun and the resulting images, are appreciated by others...

June 2016 - Getaway Gallery Finalist - Monarch
March 2016 - Getaway Gallery Finalist - Running Flamingo
July 2015 - Highly commended image in the 2015 Getaway Gallery Awards - Timeless
November 2014 - Getaway Gallery Finalist - Close Quarters
June 2014 - Getaway Gallery Finalist (Getaway Magazine) - The Big Itch
December 2013 - Overall 4th place in the 2013 Getaway Gallery Awards - Hostile Takeover
December 2013 - Highly commended image in 2013 Getaway Gallery Awards - Rhino Mud Bath
November 2013 - Getaway Magazine - "Wish you were here" double spread - August Waterfall
October 2013 - Getaway Gallery Finalist - Rhino Mud Bath
June 2013 - Getaway Gallery Finalist (Getaway Magazine) - Hostile Takeover
October 2012 - Wild Eye Nature Photography (Monthly) Winner - Hostile Takeover

Many of my images have also been selected as Earth Shots Photo of the Day. You can view which images have been selected by clicking the aforementioned link.

You can read my short biography on the ABOUT ME page of the website.