Rights Managed Stock Images

All images on the website are available as Rights Managed Stock Images in digital format for download and eventual electronic or printed publication.

You will be required to agree to the terms and conditions of the IMAGE LICENSE AGREEMENT (an example of which you can view by clicking the aforementioned link) and to effect payment via PayPal or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), before any image will be made available for download.

The Licence Fee for each image is dependent on the portfolio in which the image is located on this website and the nature and extend of the intended publication.

Images will be made available in the sRGB Color Profile and at 300ppi for print and 96ppi for electronic publication.

You are welcome to CONTACT ME for more details before you make any purchase.

Kindly complete the Form below to obtain a quote. The quote will be forwarded to you by email as soon as I have processed the request.

All information provided below will be accepted as confidential in terms of this website's PRIVACY POLICY.


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